The Parable of the Hole

Hello My Lovely Sparks!

To a few of you this isn’t a new story – but I’m going to tell it again anyway, because I like it! Also get it while it’s hot! I’ve finished a free resource called the “Life Balance Workbook.” It will help you get really clear about what you would like to improve. Now – story time!

One day Roxanne was walking along, without so much as a care in the world. Suddenly, Roxanne falls into a hole. Now this hole was so deep that she could not climb out. And being the sassy independent woman that Roxy was, she refused to call for help. Roxanne did not want anyone to know that she had allowed herself to fall into this hole.

Several hours pass. It starts to rain. Now, Roxanne knows that she has to get out of this hole before it fills up, so she reluctantly called out to a passer-by. “Help! Can you please help me get out of this hole?” The good samaritan wants to help, and she is a therapist. So she sits down on the edge of the hole and asks, “So tell me, how does it feel to be down in that hole?” They talk for a while, and then the therapist looks at her watch. “Oh look, your hour is up! But I do really want to help you. I’ll tell you what, if you’re still in that hole next week, give me a shout and we can talk some more.” Then she leaves.

Well now poor Roxy is really frustrated.. She is a starting to feel like she might be in this hole forever. She calls out to the next passerby, “Help! Please help me get out of this hole!” This time she has called out to a doctor. He asks lots of questions. How long have you been in this hole? Was there something in particular that led to you falling into the hole? Have you been able to sleep while you have been in the hole? Roxy answers all the questions, and the good doctor writes her a prescription and tosses it into the hole with her. “I do really want to help you So next week, if you are still in that hole, call me and I’ll write you a different prescription.” ANNNNND then HE leaves!

It’s dark. It’s damp. It’s no fun when you’re the one stuck in the hole.

By now the hole is really filling up with water. Roxanne is starting to get scared. She sees another, equally sassy and independent woman named Sarah passing by. Sarah looks down into the hole, sees Roxy and cries, “Oh dear! You’ve fallen into a hole! Would you like some help?” “Oh yes!” Roxanne called back, “please help!”

Before Roxanne knows what is happening Sarah jumps down into the muddy hole with her. “What are you doing? Are you daft? Now we’re both down in this hole!”

“Ah, yes.” came the calm and unwavering reply “but I have already been in this hole. And I know how to get out.”

The moral of the story: Sometimes you just really need someone who is willing to jump into the hole with you. That is what I can do for you. Step one: Identify the “holes” in your life. Email me for a free copy of my Life Balance Workbook to get started.  Go to the contact me page or email direct at