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Addressing the Big Pharma myth . . .

This morning I had my first real naysayer on one of my event posts. All she said was that ADHD was a myth put forth by big pharma to sell drugs. No evidence, nothing to back it up, just threw it out there like it was a fact. Thankfully I happened to see the notification …

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Do You Want to Improve Your Life?

Coaching sessions are conducted in-person or remotely via phone or web/video conferencing, depending on the client's needs and preference. This allows for greater flexibility in terms of appointment scheduling and clients can enjoy the benefit of being able to participate in coaching sessions from the comfort of their home.


ChrisCedar Rapids, IA

I would like to thank you for the seminar yesterday. I found it extremely informative and I appreciated the opportunity for discussion...Your seminar packed in a lot of information, but the technical details were presented in a way that I found accessible and with enough perspective and personal experience to keep it relatable. I look forward to attending future seminars that you host.

KarlynWashington, DC

Are you looking for a life coach who has an even hand and just enough push to get you moving? Tracy is the one! I was a much worse client, but she stuck with me, brought great suggestions for next steps and kept me focused on my goals. Three weeks after our six-week stretch, I signed the contract for my new job. If you have a challenge pushing yourself and creating your own accountability, think about a life coach. Think about Tracy.

KarinTopeka, KS

Tracy was an amazing life coach. She would help talk out exactly what you needed. She would motivate you to see it all the way through even though it could be tough. Give her a chance to help you change your life and she just might do that!