There are several things you can expect from me. They apply whether you want to make a meaningful life change, a transition from one stage to another, or need help finding strategies that work with your ADD/ADHD symptoms:

  • My intention is to meet you where you are in life. If you’ve started working toward something, we will set goals and find ways to meet them. If you don’t yet know what should come next, we will work together to come up with a meaningful and fulfilling objective..
  • I work to provide a neutral, judgement free zone to explore the answers that might be right for YOU.
  • My job is to encourage self-discovery. Built in moments of quiet reflection help you find your own meaning of life. It does not matter why you are working with me, I will help you learn the valuable skill of self-care. There are no words to explain how important I believe this is.
  • I value your privacy. I would not want someone telling the whole world about my journey, so I won’t tell the whole world about yours.
  • The time we spend working toward your goals is YOUR time. I can help guide you from week to week, but we will work on what YOU want to work on.
  • Coaching is not always easy, because the journey is not always easy. In general though, it should be an enjoyable process – sometimes it will even be fun!
  • I will challenge you to identify what is keeping you “stuck” in place. Once it is identified, we will name it, so you can take power over it . Then we can work to move beyond it.
  • This may be the most important thing of all. If you or I don’t think that I am the right coach for you, I will not waste your time or money pretending that I am. This is another example of the way I would want someone to treat me, so I will do the same for others.
  • Every person is different, so we will tailor your agreement for your needs. In general I have a few options that I suggest for coaching. 


There are also a few things I expect from you:

  • To have a good coaching experience, you must be coachable. If I suggest something, then you try it and find it doesn’t work, so be it. We will try a different approach. Just try it!
  • Change takes time. New habits take time to establish. I will ask you to commit to a minimum of twelve weeks of coaching. You are welcome to extend our partnership at any time.  This is CRITICAL for those of us with ADHD. We tend to stop the forward motion once the new wears off. If you do that, you will have wasted your time. If there’s one thing you DON’T want from a coaching agreement, it is the feeling that you have wasted your time and money.
  • Finally, If you won’t be able to make your weekly session, please let me know at least 24 hours in advance.


  • 1:1 Consultation

    Everything starts with a free discovery call. This usually lasts 30-60 minutes. We will discuss your goals, and some challenges you are facing. The most important goal for this call is to find out if we have a good synergy that will allow you to make progress toward your goals. If I am the right coach, you will know that pretty quickly. If I am not the right coach for you, you will know that too!

  • Speaking Engagements

    Beyond my 1 on 1 coaching services I am also available for speaking engagements for a group of attendees. I can speak about ADHD, the importance of self-care, or to women making their way through mid-life. Contact me directly to discuss how I can help you touch lives.

  • Coaching Adults with ADHD

    If you are a college student or adult with ADHD - especially if you were diagnosed as an adult - we will work to reframe the way you think about ….. the way you think. If you’re like me, you’ve come to think of yourself as a “dingbat,” a “ditz,” or just as an idiot. Maybe you’ve been told that you just don’t try hard enough so you must be lazy. Chances are that NONE of those things are true. We just need to find ways to work around the disadvantages while embracing the advantages. There ARE advantages! The experts say we tend to think out of the box, but I say, “Wait, there’s a box? I didn’t notice any box!”

  • Coaching women for empowerment and midlife

    If you’re you’re a woman between 35-55, then you likely know what I’m talking about when I say, “That midlife crisis that women ‘don’t’ have?” We may not have the same kind of midlife crisis that men have, but we do have them. You can wait it out, sure. On the other side you may find more of the same. Wouldn’t you rather own that midlife crisis? What if you found something completely different on the other side? What if you found something better? You can take power over your own life and come out the other side wherever you like! You can live the next part of your life on YOUR terms! This is 100% possible, I’ve done it. Now I’m at the top of the hill, and I am reaching down to help the next woman up.


Coaching Sessions

Most sessions are conducted by phone, but face to face meetings or video conferencing are also options. Everything depends on your needs and preferences. Conducting sessions by phone allows for flexibility in scheduling, and will allow you to work from the comfort of your own home. (And in your PJ’s if you want!)

  • Option 1

    • 60 minute session every other week
    • Phone Call Sessions
    • Phone/Text Check-ins
    • Email Check-ins
    • Facebook Messenger Chat Check-ins
  • Option 2

    • 60 minute session per week
    • Phone Call Sessions
    • Phone/Text Check-ins
    • Email Check-ins
    • Facebook Messenger Chat Check-ins
  • Option 3

    • 60 minute session per week
    • Video or Phone Call Sessions
    • Phone/Text Check-ins
    • Email Check-ins
    • Facebook Messenger Chat Check-ins
    • Face to Face Sessions (local)
    • Membership in the Ignition Transformation Mastermind