Adult ADHD: It’s All About The Balance

Date 2019-02-26-2019-02-26
LocationCedar Rapids Public Library

Having Adult ADHD is like walking a tightrope for many of us. One small distraction and the whole thing comes tumbling down! How do we balance our family with our career, and with our self-care? This is the second in a series of lectures to help you learn about how to live your life to your full potential in spite of (or because of!) ADHD. This talk will build on a previous class, but will also stand alone. If you missed the first one, don’t worry – just jump in!

In this lecture, we will talk about balance. The fact is, no matter how hard we try, what works for the “neuro-typical” people just will not work for us. We will discuss how to bring more balance to your life, and what strategies could work for you. We will establish a broad base, that will lead us into science-based specifics in later classes.

Early bird tickets are half price until two days after lecture #1. (When Your Brain Lives In The Fast Lane)

Tickets are just $10, Early Bird – $20 Regular Price – $30 At The Door. (Value: $400)


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